Gunsmith Services
  1. Ultrasonic cleaning
    General care and casual cleaning usually keeps your firearm in fine working condition, but for those times it needs that really deep cleaning we will disassemble the firearm so no grime can be trapped between fitted parts. We use environmentally safe solutions in our heated ultrasonic bath that will not harm the firearm finish. lubricated and tested
  2. Reassembly
    Did somebody take the firearm apart to clean it and now you are either missing parts or not sure how to get it back together? no worries, it happens to all of us at one time. if all the parts are there we can have you back on the range within an hour. If we need parts we have a long list of part resources that can get the part shipped overnight if needed. Bring us your "bag of gun" and we'll get it all back together.
  3. Trigger job
    in many cases we can tune up that trigger to be a nice and smooth pull which will improve your accuracy, or drop in a complete off the shelf trigger upgrade if you wish
  4. Bolt Jeweling
    Polishing to a high luster and jeweling (engine-turning) the bolt or other parts of your favorite firearm to give it a classy touch
  5. Stock finishing/ repair
    We offer steaming out minor dents to complete stock refinishing or replacement.
  6. Cowboy Action - Muzzleloader
    Experienced & Certified to work on all all pre-1900's firearms and modern replicas
  7. Stuck Bullet / Jammed action
    Did the firearm fail to fire or not eject the spent case? is there a squib halfway down the barrel? is the firearm not cycling properly? - no worries, we can help with that.
  8. Machining/Welding
    we have certified Welder and machinist to repair or even fabricate replacement parts for those firearms that the parts are no longer available. these jobs are quoted on case-by-case basis
  9. Scope mounting/sighting in
    Scope mounting and sight-in to 100 yrds is offered. We have on premise range
  10. Blueing / refinishing
    currently we are not doing full caustic blueing but if you want Niter salt blueing on the trigger hammer or such, or just some areas touched up (holster rub marks or scratches) we can make it right again. We can also strip and powder coat aluminum frames and parts and now offering KG Guncoat finishes in dozens of colors and will do custom patterns as well
  11. Refurbishing
    do you have a family heirloom that you want brought back to pristine condition? bring it to us and our certified gunsmith will evaluate it. In some cases they will have to be rendered non-firing for safety reasons but in most cases we can get "grampa's old '93 " or what have you back to being a reliable shooter
  12. Headspacing - Chamber casting/sizing
    chamber casting/sizing and headspacing - these two procedures are very important to have a certified gunsmith perform before you fire any weapon of unknown history, especially military surplus (MilSurp) rifles.
Replacement or hard to find parts
More to come...
We have many resources to locate those hard to find parts needed to put your firearm back into tip-top condition and working flawlessly. if the part is obsolete or we don't have the original drawings, we also have the capability to reverse-engineer the part and build one from scratch. We use CAD design software and 3D Printing to make the prototype and test fit before fabricating the part for your firearm.
Stop back often to see more Firearm and Gunsmith services provided.
Currently working on NRA certifications for firearms training, Law enforcement armorer, and certified firearms appraiser
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